Kelby James Russell Wines launched with 2013 Rosé


Kelby James Russell Wines launched with 2013 Rosé

Promises “Off-Beat” Wines.

Hector, New York
February 17, 2014

Launching with a Dry Rosé rather than a Riesling, Kelby James Russell Wines marks the release of its first wine this month. Started as a new project between Kelby Russell and Red Newt Cellars, where he works as winemaker, the label series will provide an opportunity for Kelby to make and offer personal, small-batch wines.

“Given my long love affair with Rosé, there was never any doubt what the first wine would be,“ said Kelby. “That it should also be sourced from 100% Cabernet Franc from the Nutt Road Vineyard, where my winemaking career started, only feels more appropriate.”

The vibrant 2013 Dry Rosé was spurred on by the sounds of Bob Dylan, the only tasting notes suggesting the wine be enjoyed while listening to “Leopard-Skin, Pill-Box Hat.” Subsequent wines under the label will also list a musical pairing as both inspiration and description of what the bottle contains.

“Starting this label will allow me to focus on a limited number of wines that I am most passionate about, inspired by the music I am passionate about,” said Kelby. “I trust what people taste in the wine, so I instead want to give them a glimpse of the artistic spirit inside the bottle.”

Kelby James Russell Wines first began as a casual brainstorm at Red Newt Cellars, where owner and winemaker David Whiting suggested that a separate wine project might be an important creative outlet for Kelby. With a diverse selection of vineyards and wine styles, the label promises to bring something new to the wine world; ‘off-beat’ wines both in reference to their musical inspiration as well as their individual spirit.

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