Reservations at Red Newt

The Red Newt spaces have been reconfigured to offer exclusively seated wine and food experiences in a socially distanced environment. We have ample outdoor seating that is available on a walk-in basis. Our seating indoors is very limited and may be reserved using our online reservation system or by calling Red Newt at 607-546-4100 x1. The only way to guarantee a table is to reserve one in our indoor space, and we are happy to seat you outdoors if the weather permits and there is space available when you arrive.


The Red Newt Experience

We are excited to welcome you to Red Newt Cellars for wine by the glass, bottle, and “tadpole”(personal-sized bottles of wine) at socially distanced tables on our decks and indoor seating. We have created a small, elegant menu of light fare and small bites to complement your wine selections. When you arrive at Red Newt one of our servers will escort you to a table where you can relax, peruse the wine menu and place your order for food and wine.


What is my reservation for?

Your reservation ensures you a table to enjoy wine by the glass, bottle, or “ tadpole” with a light food menu.  

Does Red Newt offer tastings?

The short answer is no.  We DO offer wine by the glass, bottle, and also “tadpole”, with groups often sharing amongst themselves to create their own fleet (or tasting) of tadpoles.  

What is a “tadpole”?

A group of Newts is often referred to as a congress, but we’ve had about enough of that… at Red Newt a group of li’l newts is known as a “fleet.”

The Eastern Red Spotted Newt begins its life in the water as a tadpole.    You may have enjoyed a flight of wine before, but a “fleet” of tadpoles is just a bit different and is way more fun!   Build your own “fleet” of tadpoles, our personal sized 6 oz bottles of wine, or grab a few to enjoy a tasting with your friends.

Are masks required?

Yes.  Masks are required to be worn at all times, except when seated at your table.  

What is the largest group size Red Newt can accommodate?

Reservations may be made online for groups of up to 8 people.  If you have questions regarding bringing a group to Red Newt larger than 8 people, please call 607-546-4100 X 1.