Now Hiring Wine Servers

Red Newt Cellars is a family owned business passionate about the Finger Lakes and New York State. Our Rieslings are expressive of time and place with each vineyard site having its own personality and soul. For more than 20 years, Red Newt Cellars has been an integral player in the Finger Lakes localvore culinary scene, and we love sharing our excitement for food, wine and community with others.

We love what we do and do what we love:

  • We produce world class wines
  • We have a passion for local fare

We seek professional team members who:

  • Hold customer service in the highest regard
  • Enjoy a fast paced work environment
  • Are passionate about the food and wine industry


  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Are able to stand for 6 hours and lift a case of wine
  • Full time seasonal positions are available with an opportunity for part time employment year round
  • Weekends are required
  • Preferred candidates have some customer service or culinary experience or equivalent
  • Have reliable transportation

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to heather*at*

Virtual Rewind-Bullhorn Creek

NooTTooB Thowback to 2009 – Red Newt Riesling – Bullhorn Creek Vineyard.

From the Archives

Bullhorn Creek Vineyard was located just south of Red Newt and was a featured source for single vineyard Riesling for a handful of years.  Steve Bond (now retired) was the grower, and the site was exquisite.  Riesling clone 90, impeccably managed, distinctive site.  Here’s a NooTTooB throwback from the 2009 vintage!


Merlot Harvest at Glacier Ridge

The year is 2010…

The vineyard is Glacier Ridge.  2010 was a warm, ripe vintage yielding fruit that was exceptionally ripe and dark from Glacier Ridge Vineyard.

These archival NooTTooBs were shot in the early days of pocket cams… long before every person had an HD video camera in their pocket at every moment!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I had making them a decade ago!

New York Farm Day on Capitol Hill

New York Farm Days on Capitol Hill

In 2001, Senator Hillary Clinton gathered the Agricultural Economic Development Advisory Committee and asked them how to convince the Senate that New York State was a major agricultural state. The answer was to take New York’s agriculture to Washington, D.C. The first New York Farm Day was held on Capitol Hill in September of 2002. The most important part of this day was not just the winemakers and their wines or the chefs and their dishes, but also the farmers. By bringing farmers, producers, winemakers and chefs all together in one place, the event truly highlighted the diverse bounty of New York’s agriculture. 

The 2002 event was such a success, it continued for years, eventually with the backing of Senator Gillibrand.  The primary goal was not just to demonstrate the power of New York’s agricultural industry but to also influence agricultural legislation. As events of today have shown, agriculture in New York State at all levels is an imperative part of the New York economy and advocating for it is essential. 

Verjooz Curd mouse with raspberries

For many years Red Newt Cellars participated in this event. Our wines, and food from our bistro helped showcase the amazing farmers of New York! Some of you may also remember a dish that made an appearance on Capitol Hill. The Verjooz Curd Mouse, topped with fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulis was always a hit! We can’t wait for the berry season! 

From the NooTTooB Archive – 2010 Merlot

Looking back on 2010…

It was a warm, moist year, with harvest coming very early.  At least starting that way.  Once it starts, sometimes it’s hard not to just keep running headlong to the finish.  But sometimes, that’s exactly what NOT to do.  2010 was a little like that.  Take a look-see!

If you’d like to taste hear more talk about the Glacier Ridge Merlot, join us on Facebook Live!

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Virtual Tasting- Aged Single Vineyard Reds

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This Curated set of wines will be tasted with our team…. and you!

Wines in this tasting:  We dug deep into the cellar to feature wines that aged beautifully! Today, we feature the…

  • 2007 Merlot Glacier Ridge
  • 2012 Merlot Glacier Ridge

Tastings will commence at 4PM. If you already have a bottle at home, feel free to enjoy a glass with us and join the discussion!

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From the Archives – NooTTooB #7

Sawmill Creek Vineyards and Jim Hazlitt

This week in our Online Virtual Tastings and blogs, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Wines from Sawmill Creek Vineyards.  To prepare ourselves, and to pique your interest, I’ve pulled a 2002 “NooTTooB interview from 2008 with grower Jim Hazlitt.

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