Red Newt Bistro

Red Newt Bistro

food and wineThe Bistro at Red Newt, Red Newt Cellars, Hector, NY

First established alongside the Red Newt Cellars by Debra Whiting in 1998, the Red Newt Bistro has always celebrated the region’s best farmers—and food and winewithout patting themselves on the back for it too much. The winery gained early acclaim as one of the top Riesling producers in the Finger Lakes. After Whiting passed away in 2011, the Bistro has morphed into a friendly counter-service operation under the direction of chef Jeremy Personius, with modern comfort-food favorites ranging from a kale Caesar salad to kimchi grilled cheese and griddled mac-and-cheese with ham, bacon, or pickled peppers. With a wood-burning stove and cozy interior, it’s welcoming in all seasons but jeremyespecially inviting in the winter.

Bistro Serving Lunch Daily

As the summer season is upon us, Chef Jeremy Personius has re-crafted the Red Newt menu to be delicious, innovative and heartwarming.

Our entire menu is prepared from scratch in our kitchen, mostly with local FLX products from just down the road.

Full Menu served Daily 11am – 3pm
(select items until 5pm)

Finger Lakes Plate      14.5
artisanal cheeses, cured and prepared meats with whole-grain mustard, crostini, and trio of pickles

Spicy Tomato Cream Soup cup    4 / bowl 6

Caesar Salad      4.5 / 8.5
local field green, vegetarian Caesar dressing, grated Parmesan and house made croutons

Asian Salad      4.5 / 8.5
local field greens, carrot ginger vinaigrette, bean sprouts, and sunflower seeds

Pickle Trio with house made Pita      4
house made kim-chi, bean sprout salad, and escabeche

Spaghetti Marinara                9.5
house made tomato sauce, herbs and Parmesan cheese
+add meatballs                          3

Griddled Mac & Cheese            9.5
rich, delicious, house made, finished on the griddle
-can be made gluten free upon request
+add Piggery meats (bacon or ham)    3
+add Pickled Jalapeños            .5

(local cheeses, meats, house made breads & condiments)

Classic Grilled Cheese                 8.5
NYS sharp cheddar, house made anadama bread

Sweet and Spicy                 9.5
house made kim-chi, bean sprout salad and NYS cheddar on anadama bread

The Hannah                    10.5
pickled red onion, whole grain mustard, and smoked gouda cheese on sourdough rye

The Bistro Patty Melt                12.5
local beef and pork patty with NYS cheddar with sliced pickles and whole grain mustard on house-made sourdough rye

The Smoking Pig                12.5
Piggery ham and smoked gouda on sourdough rye bread with salsa verde

Bangin’ Black Bean Patty                              12.5
vegetarian burger with smoked gouda and kim-chi on house made anadama bread.

Smokin’ & Spicy Patty Melt            12.5
local beef and pork patty with smoked gouda with pickled jalapeños and chipotle ketchup on anadama bread

The PBR                     15.5
local beef and pork patty with Piggery bacon, Blue cheese, pickled Red onions, and horseradish cream on sourdough rye

Gimme! Coffee espresso ~ Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!

Bistro Menu April 2017
Bistro Menu April 2017
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