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Finger Lakes Restaurant of the Year

I am writing to say how excited and honored I am to have received the Finger Lakes 2010 Restaurant of the Year Award from the New York Cork Report! I am especially thrilled because of our emphasis on regional cuisine. From the very beginnings of the Bistro at Red Newt, I have focused on local and seasonal fare to create a cuisine that highlights the Finger Lakes region and it’s relationship to it’s wines. In the beginning, (eleven years ago!) I was able to source only about 10% of my menu from local producers. But now at the height of the season, my menu is about 90% local! This says so many things about the localvore movement in this area. More local farmers and producers are supporting their lifestyles and families with small scale farming in the Finger Lakes. This creates a great addition to our Finger Lakes economy and culture, not to mention creating many more of these incredible local products available to the consumers. We all eat and enjoy much healthier and tasty food as a result of this! Of course, add the local wine to this and it becomes a beautiful package. I am very proud to be part of what the Finger Lakes has to offer and will continue to promote the gems of this area. So let’s raise a glass of Finger Lakes wine (especially Red Newt!) and toast to the bounty of this area! Sincerely, Chef Debra Whiting