A Heavenly Take on One Hellacious Week Night 4

A Temporary Farewell to an Ithaca Favorite.

Friday night I decided I needed to get my butt out of the house and go to Castaways in downtown Ithaca.  Friday night was what could be the final performance of an Ithaca Local Trio called Revision.  They have been playing and performing music together from close to 10 years.  The band originally met attending Ithaca College, and began developing their own sound from the onset.  Their sound is infectious to say the least, combining genres of funk, jazz, shred rock, piano groove, and work in some mind-bending jams throughout.  They just finished up a new album called Ricochet available here: http://store.revisionmusic.com

The crowd for this concert was huge.  I didn’t expect to see nearly as many people at this concert, but I forgot to consider the fact that Castaway’s is their home venue.  This was their 50th concert at Castaways in a 10 year span!  I was fortunate to have crossed paths with them about 4 years ago.  I had been working as an entertainment director for a local venue, and we had booked them to play a fall harvest party.  It was then and there that I began following them.  Like a nice bottle of wine their sound has refined itself over the years, and their fan base continues to grow, despite the fact that they just went on hiatus.  Unfortunately, I had left the Finger Lakes for a few years after graduating from college so, I had not seen them perform in four years.  Getting to see them perform last week was a real treat for me.  They closed the first set with one of my favorite songs Soul System Breakdown (http://www.youtube.com/user/revisionmusic#p/u/22/gCAwq1PyAsU).  They managed to include several crowd-pleasing covers in their second set including a ripping rendition of Rage Against the Machines – Killing in the Name.
I certainly hope these guys decide to keep doing what they’ve been doing, as their music is incredible.  I hope when you read this that I have said enough positive things about them that you check them out, buy their record, and then get the word out to your friends.  If you are in the band Revision and you read this – if you make a comeback add a bassist… if your keyboards can solo like that with one hand think about how sick the solos would be with two.

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