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How far does the grape go?

Alright folks, we all know that most wines come from grapes.  Recently I began pondering just how many grapes go into a bottle of wine.  So let’s put on our “thinking caps” and do some math.  Please keep in mind that different grapes are different sizes, so these are approximate values.

It takes around 75 grapes (one cluster) to make one glass of wine.  4 clusters of grapes equals one bottle.  One vine can make up to 10 bottles of wine (that’s 3000 grapes!).  30 vines create one barrel, and one barrel holds 300 bottles of wine.  300 bottles of wine is enough to fill 25 cases (12 bottles per case).  In a more linear format…

75 grapes = 1 cluster = 1 glass of wine

4 clusters = 1 bottle = 4 glasses = 300 grapes

1 vine = 10 bottles  = 40 clusters = 3000 grapes

30 vines = 1 barrel = 300 bottles = 25 cases of wine = 90,000 grapes

Aha!  There we have it!  So next time you’re out and about enjoying a glass of wine with friends, you can impress them by telling them just how many grapes went into their glass of vino.